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The nomadic life of retirement tourism

Among the many fascinating people found in San Miguel de Allende was a couple who sold everything to travel the world

Travelling inside out: Jake Haupert on getting out of your comfort zone

A Q&A on shifting the attention of your next trip from the what and the where to the why and the how

San Miguel de Allende losing its lustre

There are signs of unwelcome change on the horizon for the Mexican community of about 150,000 residents

Immersed in the zesty flavours of Kerala, India

In the last of a four-part series on India, Gerry Feehan explores a world of exotic spices – and encounters Joe Tourist yet again

Travelzoo’s top 2019 picks for deal-seeking Canadians

And one Calgary hotel helping you keep up your fitness resolutions while on the road

Preparing for another Christmas at Skelhp

There are lights to hang, cleanup work to be done inside and out, kindling to split, a turkey to order and a final round of gifts to buy

Christmas dream routes through East Germany

Erfurt, Potsdam and Rostock, in East Germany, rival many of their big city cousins, especially during the Christmas season

The squalid, stifling slums of Mumbai

Gerry Feehan explores one square kilometre that will forever be seared into his memory

A mansion fit for a queen

You know you’re in grand company even before you pass through the wide iron gates: standing sentry are two members of the ceremonial guard